If are running a beauty care business or just simply having a shampoo bowl for personal care, then I'm sure that you are looking for a right faucet for your portable shampoo bowl. 


Usually, this shampoo bowl faucet would essentially be used as the water supply to the whole station. There are many versions of them available in the market and as a newbie; it can be quite a headache choosing the one that suits your needs. Keeping this hassle in view, given below is a list of the things which you should always consider before choosing any shampoo bowl faucet. 

Shampoo Bowl Faucet

1# Budget:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the amount of money you are willing to invest in this product. This product is essential to your cause as any other products; so you must be wise while you choose it.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of different models out there in the market each with their own set of pros and cons. What is required is that you weigh out your requirements, the things you absolutely need and the things that you can perhaps compromise on against the amount of cash required for buying them.

2# Material:

The second thing to keep in mind while buying the faucet is the build material. There are a lot of faucets available in the market made with materials ranging from plastic to marble to even aluminum.

While all of these have their own properties, you and your requirements would dictate what you go for.

If you require the device to be lightweight and hence a little easy to use, plastic should be your choice without a speck of doubt.

If you require steadiness and firmness, marble is the material for you however if you are going for a slight level of flexibility along with some strength then the ever reliable aluminum is what you should go for.

Similarly having a look at the other materials available in the market will lead you to eventually making the decision which is beneficial for you as well as comforting for the customer. 

3# Shape:

After going over the choice of material then comes the shape of the faucet itself. You want the device to have a shape which may be both easy to use as well as look attractive. 

The simplest and the most basic of the faucets out there use a shower like a shape with a long hose connected to the sprinkler at the end. A push button is placed just beneath the sprinkler which allows you to open and close the water supply by applying adequate pressure on it. 

However, if that is not what you are after, you can always go for a more traditional look by choosing the one with a tap installed. Just turn the tap clockwise to open the water supply and counterclockwise to turn it off. Simple enough to use and gives a sense of reliability to the customer.

4# Length:

faucet for shampoo bowl tips

The next thing on your agenda must be the length of the hose that is the core of your faucet. Once again, there is plenty to choose from in this regard.

One thing that you must consider is the fact that too short hose will leave you completely helpless Infront of the customer as you will simply not be able to reach the station being used by the customer. You want to avoid this situation at all costs as it is both embarrassing for you as well as uncomfortable to the customer.

However, choosing a length too long will lead your hose to get into all sorts of tangles and can render you vulnerable to tripping over it while you work. It will also take up some space in your area of service and will give an untidy and dirty look to the customer which you always want to avoid.

The correct balance must be found when you are choosing the length of the hose and special care must be taken in doing so.

5# Hot/Cold Supply:

One of the most important requirements of the faucet is the availability of both hot and cold water at an instant’s notice. There are many versions available in the market which come with this built in availability.

There are simply two taps for cold and hot water supply separately. Turning on the mixers can lead to a mixture of both hot and cold water and then you can adjust the temperature according to the comfort level of the customer by simply opening and closing the valves.

Two Handle shampoo faucet hot and cold water

6# Reliability:

One more paramount requirement of the faucet must be its reliability. There cannot be a worse moment for you than the moment that your equipment fails at mid-job. This can cause loads of embarrassment as well as discomfort both for you and your customer and the image that you have tried so hard to establish with your hard work and dedication can literally go down the drain.

To avoid such a case, always choose a product which shows good customer feedback as well as positive reviews. Try to go for something which falls under a long warranty as it is less likely to fail at the crucial moment. Keep up to date with the condition of your devices for any signs of stress or strain and have them replaced or repaired immediately. These steps can ensure that you never become a victim of an accident of this magnitude. 

7# Ease of Use:

Another thing to bear in mind while choosing such a shampoo faucet is the ease by which you can use it. At the end of the day, it is your investment so you would obviously want to invest in something you are most comfortable with.

If you are a right handed person then choose and install the device accordingly that it is always within the easy reach of your dominant hand while if you are one the lefties then choose accordingly.

If a tap version suits your needs then go for that one or if you are more comfortable with the push buttoned type, go for that one. Your opinion matters and you must abide by what makes you comfortable in using the device. Your opinion should dictate you into choosing the faucet best suited to your level of ease and access.

8# Leak Proof:

Perhaps the last point on the agenda is the leak proof-ness of the device. Water is a liquid and a liquid is easily prone to spillage and leakage. All it takes is the smallest of punctures to make the liquid come spilling out of the hose.

The faucet you are choosing must be leak proof and should not scratch or be penetrated easily as it can spell disaster for you. Not only will the water get wasted but the proper pressure will not be able to reach the end point from where you are spraying water onto the customer’s hair. It can mess up your workstation and give a timid look to you which would not be appreciated by the customer.  


Well, I hope that the above-mentioned guidelines will lead you to better understanding and at the end choosing the better faucet you are looking for. The variety that the market offers is immense but you are the decision maker, it is you that matters and you must make the choice better suited to you and your needs; because at the end of the day it is all about a happy and satisfied customer to help cement your place in the industry.

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