If you are a stylist and you provide personal services to your clients in their homes, then it is very important for you to be flexible with your schedule. A personal hair stylist or a private service providing beauty salons always needs perfect equipment to do their job well. One of the important equipment for them is a portable shampoo bowl.


​Earlier, people used to think that it is quite difficult for them to afford and use portable hair washing station at their home. But, with the invention of portable shampoo bowl, this problem is also solved now. These equipment are not only easy to transport but also available at a very reasonable price.

​A portable shampoo bowl possesses a huge bent opening which permits your clients to get relaxed while lying back on the bowl during the hair wash. It is also manufactured from durable sculpted plastic material which makes it quite strong. You can find them in numerous colors, sizes, and styles.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Portable Shampoo Bowls

Our RankProduct ImageProduct Name
1Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain – Black – Adjustable Height
2Best Choice Products® Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black from Best Choice Products
3TMS® Portable Black Adjustable Height Shampoo Basin Hair Bowl Salon Treatment Tool
4Generic Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black
5Dealkoo Black Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Bowl Tool
6Portable Shampoo Bowl Shamp-ease from Salon Store
7Portable Height Shampoo Basin Adjustable Hair Treatment Bowl Baber Salon Tool Black Brand New PP Material from AW
8GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl
9Goplus Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black by Goplus
10Portable & Adjustable Salon Shampoo Bowl Sink SU-23 from Salon CA

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​Benefits of a Portable Shampoo Bowl

Buyer guide for Portable Shampoo Bowl

​First of all, before buying a portable shampoo bowl, you must know what benefits these products provide to the hair stylist. The following are some points which answer the above question:

  • A portable shampoo bowl is a great technique of safeguarding that the water utilizes for washing the hair of clients directly moves into a sink without dampening the individual who is taking the stylist’s services.
  • Since these shampoo bowls are portable; you can easily carry it with you from one place to another without any hassle. It is also quite stress-free to drag this equipment with your hands.
  • Moreover, a portable shampoo bowl permits a lot of flexibility as you do not require doing a complicated installation like in the case of fixed shampoo bowls. If the client is not comfortable in a particular position, then that can also be changed as per the requirements.
  • It is one of the best products that can be used for the patients in a health care organization. It offers a kind of the relief to them while using this product.
  • These shampoo bowls are perfect for in-home stylists, mobile stylists, and for home health caregivers. Home health caregivers find portable shampoo bowls especially useful because it will allow them to easily wash their client’s hair without requiring them to try to lean over a sink.

Overall, the portable shampoo bowl makes it quite stress-free for both i.e. the hair stylist as well as the person who wishes to take the service of the stylist.

Buyer Guide for Buying a Portable Shampoo Bowl

​If you want to purchase a portable shampoo bowl, then you must consider some relevant points that are given below. It helps you in making the right decision but also selecting the best product with all the necessary features.

1. Size of the Bowl

The first and the foremost important thing that you must consider is that how big the bowl is. The portable shampoo bowl must be enough in size that it can be used either for adults or kids. However, the bowl must not be too much large that you find it difficult for moving from one place to another. The large size bowl also has an adequate depth which is vital while washing the hair of the client. But, if you have a space issue, then small size bowl with less depth must be considered.

​2. Material used for Manufacturing Bowl

​The next thing to consider while buying a portable shampoo bowl is that it must be manufactured from a lightweight as well as robust material. Usually, for manufacturing a portable bowl, a plastic is used which is not heavy to carry. This also increases the durability of the product. While transporting a portable shampoo bowl, its weight plays a very important role.

​3. Design of the Bowl

​The design of the portable shampoo bowl is also a very important thing that needs to be checked. You must be ensured that the bowl can be easily folded up so that you can keep it on a wagon or in your backseat of the car. This benefits a lot if you have to travel more due to the nature of your work.

​4. Hook-ups for the Bowl

​The hook-ups are required to supply water and for draining the water out of the portable shampoo bowl. So, you must be sure that these hook-ups easily get connected to your traditional sink so that you can use it whenever required. The next significant thing is the hoses that are attached to the sink. These must be long enough so that you can work standing away from the traditional sink. It gives you more space for washing and rinsing the hair of the clients comfortably.

​5. Additional Features

​There are so many portable shampoo bowls that possess numerous additional features. So, you must check all the features that are provided by the manufacturers in the bowl like hot and cold water facility, water drainage tank, etc.

​6. Purpose of Buying Portable Shampoo Bowl

​The most important thing is that you must know your purpose behind the purchase of a portable shampoo bowl. If you want to purchase it for hair styling purpose, then your requirement must be different. But if you need it for providing services for the patients who cannot do his/her personal care, then your needs will be different.

7.​ Space of your Place

Space also plays an important role while purchasing a portable shampoo bowl. If you do not have any space issue, then you may buy a big size portable shampoo bowl. But, if you have some space issue at your place or at the client’s home, then a small size portable bowl must be very beneficial. In a medical healthcare centre, the room of the patients are quite small in size, so, in this case, it will be a good decision if you purchase a large size portable shampoo bowl.

8. ​Check the Price of the Bowl

​There are several portable shampoo bowls with different price rates that are available on online shopping websites. Some people consider that products with lower price rate do not offer longer time period of service to the buyer. But, this is not the truth. The price varies according to the features and the quality of the product. So, you must check the price that suits you the best along with your requirements.

9. ​Adjustable Accordingly

​A perfect portable shampoo bowl always gets adjusted as per the requirements of the client or any other person who is having its services. It is quite obvious that all people do not possess the same size as well as height. Hence, it becomes quite uncomfortable for them to sit in a fixed position of the bowl. Therefore, a portable shampoo bowl must offer necessary adjustment features, so that the people can lean back comfortably on it.

10. ​Accessibility of a Long Drain Pipe

​A Portable shampoo bowl is more useful if there is a longer size drain pipe also with it. The pipes must be able to reach a bathtub, shower or a sink. If the pipe is longer then you are always free to use the portable shampoo bowl from any corner of your place. It reduces the chances of creating a mess in the room. This also benefits in providing a comfortable service to the client.

11. ​Make Steadiness a Primacy

​The balance or the stability of the portable shampoo bowl is also very important. The bowl having the height of five feet are usually more stable than the bowls having the height of four feet. You must be assured that the shampoo bowl must not move during the process of hair washing of the client as this will not only disrupts you but also makes the customer uncomfortable.

12. ​Stain Free

​The plastic material that is used for making bowls must also be stain resistant. Sometimes, you also need to wash out the hair on which dye, shampoo or conditioner is applied. If the material of manufacturing the basin is not good, then the stain will get a stick on it. This will make the portable shampoo bowl look very unpleasant.

​Here is a Good Video About How to Buy Right Sick for you Business:


After considering the above valuable points into your consideration, you can easily select the correct portable shampoo bowl for yourself. This will not only help you in making a right decision but also assist you in getting the adequate product at reasonable prices rate.

Once you purchase the shampoo bowl, it is also very important that you kept in mind all the hygiene factors. When you use the product, rinse the basin in a proper way so that it looks similar to newly bought equipment. One more important thing is that the bowl must be kept dry because in a wet bowl the chance of growth of bacteria also gets increases in a pipe or a hole.

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